Terms and Conditions

  • The hotel is not responsible for valuables introduced and left in your room without the knowledge of the administration (Civil Code).
  • Once payment has been made for lodging, reservations and other hotel services, there is no room for claims or refunds.
  • We do not accept late exchanges of bills for invoices.
  • All consumption must be paid in advance, whether it is for lodging or services.
  • For credit purposes for lodging and other services, a guarantee must be left (cash and/or signed voucher).
  • Only the person registered at the hotel is considered a guest.
  • The guest undertakes to return the room as it was delivered to him/her.
  • Any damage or deterioration caused by the guest within the facilities will be assumed by the owner.
  • For a quick check out, please give 10 minutes notice for the preparation of your bill.
  • When the guest checks out, all visitors must leave the room and/or identify themselves.
  • All visitors must be received in the lobby and/or cafeteria.
  • The number of people in a room is determined by the type of room taken.
  • The garments left in custody may not exceed three months.
  • All items left in custody will be taken into custody and may be sold, auctioned by the hotel within 3 months from the date of delivery (custody).
  • The company may sell, auction or give away such objects after the deadline (3 months).
  • All escrow will be delivered only to the owner of the property.
  • The custody user is obliged to comply with the internal regulations of the hotel.
  • If payment is made by credit card, refunds will be made by bank, but not in cash.
    It is forbidden to bring in the rooms irons, candles, microwaves, flammable articles, etc.
  • I authorize the company to remove my luggage from the room if I have not cancelled my accommodation before 12 MD. No claims will be accepted.
  • In order to ensure the use of my room and thus my stay, the cost of the room must be paid one day in advance.
  • All payments made after ½ day will be upgraded to rack rate (normal rate).
    Payment for ½ day stay will have a maximum departure time of 19:00 hours and the payment will be calculated based on 50% of the rack (normal) rate.
  • Lodging payments may not be used to cover consumption or calls and vice versa.
    The opening of the safety boxes (safe) of the rooms may be opened at the guest’s request during office hours, for no other reason will be accepted (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00).